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outdoor is the leading german language hiking publication, and the perfect magazine for all those that enjoy spending time out in in the beauty of nature. Whether it be for a short jaunt, or a great adventure, outdoor provides brilliant tour reports and tips.


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The SKI TOURING SPECIAL 2015/2016 will be distributed as a loose supplement in outdoor, planetSNOW and klettern and reaches large numbers of high-affinity readers who approach the topic of ski touring from a variety of different angles.

Take the dedicated skiers who read planetSNOW, for instance: they're always on the lookout for new challenges and facts to recreation on snow, so touring is understandably very popular with them. There are also increasing numbers of outdoor readers who are discovering an enthusiasm for ski-touring. But people with an alpine skiing background in particular are swelling the ranks of th touring community. A logical development, really, given that more skiers are discovering how the thrill of the downhill run can be boosted even further with a short climb beyond the end of the lifts.

The third group of mountain enthusiasts are those that climb them. climbers are driven by the same ambition as the touring skiers: to reach the summit under their own strength and wll away from the masses. This is why we also include the Special in our magazine klettern, thereby opening up an even wider circle of potential coustomers for you.