In a unique manner, MOTOR KLASSIK arouses a fascination for the lively culture of automobile classics. It is dedicated to the classics of automobile history which still inspire enthusiasm with their entirely individual qualities and enable readers to immerse themselves in this multi-layered world and directly experience the unparalleled character of these vehicles. This particular aspiration is underlined by the high journalistic quality of text and images. The editors at MOTOR KLASSIK attach great importance to enabling the fascination of automobile classics to be experienced authentically through driving reports.

Apart from experience, this monthly magazine also focuses on competent information and service. Accordingly, sound purchasing advice on all classics presented in the car reviews is a popular distinguishing feature of MOTOR KLASSIK. In addition to the regular edition, four special editions are published every year which are dedicated to newcomers and provide a wealth of information on a particular brand, cars from a certain country such as Italy, for example, or purchasing advice. Experience is also the buzzword when it comes to the PAUL PIETSCH CLASSIC, SILVRETTA CLASSIC and SACHSEN CLASSIC car rallies organised by the MOTOR KLASSIK team.

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