“Strong for life” How to eat better? Swimming or running – which type of sport will make me really fit? And how do men nowadays find the right care products? As the most popular men’s lifestyle magazine, MEN'S HEALTH has the answer to all questions of interest to men and helps them to get fit for life in its capacity as a reliable coach: competent advice and loads of tips on sport and fitness, health and nutrition, style, partnerships and much more. MEN'S HEALTH is a personal trainer and a reliable guide. Apart from the magazine published ten times a year and its digital offerings, the experts at the MEN'S HEALTH CAMP also provide for some inspiration and fun. Top fit in no time at all! Sport and action for everyone – whether old or young, fat or thin, athletic or otherwise: the MEN'S HEALTH CAMP offer individual training programmes for all participants as well as action and tons of fun!


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