It’s good to be you! This is the motto directed to women by WOMEN'S HEALTH which is a front runner exuding plenty of fun when it comes to fitness, nutrition, beauty and an active lifestyle. You want to achieve more? Not just for the sake of your career or status symbols but in order to get the very best out of your life! WOMEN'S HEALTH addresses its readers on equal terms and preoccupies itself with their lives instead of those of stars and starlets. After all, it has a vibrant, authentic and confident attitude to life. The unique combination of clever, service-oriented tips and high-quality lifestyle already inspires more than 21 million women in over 50 countries and in all international editions. Ten times a year, power women can look forward to positive ideas and a wealth of inspiration in the magazine – which is also available daily online – and for those looking for even more, the WOMEN'S HEALTH CAMPS in Andalusia are just the thing. Sport, fun and the beach: there’s no better way to get into top shape.

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