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The world is round. And the next bend is the one which is always most appealing. Finding the perfect line, merging with the machine. Motorbikes mean freedom. And motorcycling can be enjoyed equally alone or in company. MOTORRAD is an essential component of this community. A friend whose advice can be relied on and whose ideas and suggestions are worth considering. MOTORRAD is the all-rounder when it comes to the world of motorcycling. Its modern editing concept comprises everything worth knowing and reporting on in the world of motorbikes, and is unique in terms of scope, depth, topicality and design. MOTORRAD is Europe’s oldest and largest media brand devoted to the motorised two-wheeler. But the MOTORRAD brand not only presents the world of motorcycling as print and digital versions but also to motorcyclists all over the world. The Event Division at the MOTORRAD magazine offers trips and events to cater for any taste and driving level.

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