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The History of Motor Presse Stuttgart

The special-interest media company has made history in the world of newspapers. In 1946, Paul Pietsch and the other founders of the publishing house surrounding him ranked among the newspaper pioneers in post-war Germany. Their car magazine AUTO MOTOR UND SPORT was one of the first magazines on the market. From this pioneering achievement, an internationally operating media company with a wide-ranging, modern product line has grown in over seven decades.


The racing drivers Paul Pietsch, Ernst Troeltsch and Josef Hummel found the Motorsport GmbH in Freiburg, in order to fund their sporting careers. The Motorsport GmbH’s first publication is the car magazine DAS AUTO. In mid 1946 the trio provides the licensing authority (at this moment in time the French military junta in Baden-Baden) with a sample copy of their new publication. In the following months, Pietsch, Troeltsch and Hummel must endure the longwinded process of negotiating and repeatedly renegotiating terms with the authorities. Paul Pietsch would later recall of this time „A press officer said to me that there would never again be enough cars in Germany to warrant a magazine devoted to them!“. As 1946 draws to a close, Pietsch, Hummel and Troeltsch finally receive the coveted document, “Magazine License Number 1308”. In December 1946, the first issue of DAS AUTO is released, with a distribution of 30,000 copies. The 36 page publication is the forerunner to the popular auto motor und sport. Sales for each issue climb constantly, reaching 50,000 in June 1947, and thusly the decision is made to publish DAS AUTO on a monthly basis.


Josef Hummel
Josef Hummel
Josef Hummel leaves the Motorsport GmbH in order to attend to the oil company he has inherited.


Das Motorrad
Motorsport GmbH is renamed Motor-Presse Verlag, and procures the title DAS MOTORRAD from the publishers “Berliner König Verlag”. This title also proves popular, reaching a distribution of 50.000 within a short period of time.


Pietsch, Paul
Paul Pietsch
The Motor-Presse Verlag relocates from Freiburg to the future German automotive capital, Stuttgart.

The publishing success allows Pietsch to reenter the competitive motorsport scene. Back on the track for the first time in 11 years, driving a Veritas RS, it is clear that he has not lost any of his natural ability. On 11th June 1950, Pietsch wins the Eifel Race, held at the world famous Nürburgring in the 1.5l sports car category. In the same year, he also goes on to claim the title of national champion.


The Motor-Presse Verlag finds its first business partner in the shape of the Würzburger Vogel Verlag. WVV’s titles MOTOR UND SPORT and LASTAUTO und OMNIBUS join the Motor-Presse portfolio, with DAS AUTO merging with the former to create the magazine DAS AUTO + MOTOR UND SPORT. The magazine is released by the joint venture „Vereinigte Motor-Verlage“. DAS MOTORRAD stays attributed to the Motor-Presse Verlag.
Not until the 70s will all subsidiaries be collected under the umbrella name „Motor Presse Stuttgart“.


On the 3rd August 1952 Paul Pietsch wins the German Grand Prix on the Nürburgring, in the 1.5l Sports Car Category. A serious accident in the AVUS Race on the 28th September 1952, in addition to the mounting pressure of leading two separate “lives”, put an end to Paul Pietsch’s racing career, and he turns his focus towards his rapidly growing publishing business.


The market for mopeds booms. The editorial team for DAS MOTORRAD recognises this, and the publication is renamed DAS MOTORRAD und der Roller (The Motorbike and the Moped)


The Motor-Presse Verlag releases a dedicated moped magazine separate to DAS MOTORRAD entitled ROLLERei und MOBIL. This publication will later become the magazine „mot“.


Troeltsch, Ernst
Ernst Troeltsch
Ernst Troeltsch dies unexpectedly at 42 years of age. Paul Pietsch assumes sole responsibility for the publishers as chief executive.    

The rather limited theme portfolio of the Motor-Presse Verlag is expanded through the launch of the aviation title FLUG REVUE.


The magazine auto motor und sport (until 1963 titled DAS AUTO + MOTOR UND SPORT) surpasses 100,000 monthly issues.


sport auto
Paul Pietsch sells 15% of his share in the Vereinigte Motor-Verlage to Gruner+Jahr AG & Co. KG.

The Motor-Presse Verlag further extends its range of magazines with the title sportauto, which appeals to sportscar enthusiasts.


Motorsport aktuell
Through the acquisition of Powerslide AG in Switzerland, Motor Presse becomes one of the first multinational publishers in Europe, and the swiss weekly motoring magazine Motorsport aktuell is born, released by subsidiary Motor-Presse-Ägide.


Paul Pietsch resigns as the chief executive of the Vereinigte Motor Verlage, however remains in his position at the head of the Motor-Presse Verlag, also taking on the role of Chairman of the Motor Presse advisory council.


The publishers develop new title „Audio“, in the previously uncharted territory of consumer electronics. The venture pays off, and Audio develops a strong market presence.


The Motor Presse’s consumer electronics title portfolio is expanded through the addition of Motor Presse developed video, and the acquisition of stereoplay.
Motor Presse successfully enters the spanish market by acquiring a share in popular car magazine autopista. Through this action the foundations are laid for the founding of Motor Presse subsidiary „Motorpress Ibérica“.


MotorPresse groups all of its international activities under the subsidiary „Motor Presse International“.


The Motor-Presse Verlag enters the French market through an investment in the motorbike magazine Moto Journal.

The publisher’s presence in the German market is extended through the release of the consumer electronics magazine „Color Foto“.


Motor Klassik 1/1984
Motor Klassik
Exploiting the boom in classic car sales, the magazine Motor Klassik proves an instant success.


Motor-Presse takes over the French publishers S.E.T.T.F and paves the way for more diverse publishing activity in France.


The Motor-Presse Verlag secures a prominent position in the motorhome media segment with the acquisition of the magazine "promobil".


Through the Spanish subsidiary Motorpress Ibérica, Motor Presse invests in auto hoje, a successful car magazine in Portugal, simultaneously setting up the publishers „Motorpress Lisboa“.

In acquiring the Hungarian title auto MAGAZIN the Motor Presse commences activities in Eastern Europe.


Auto -Der deutsche Straßenverkehr
The publishing house “Berliner Transpress” and the Motor Presse cooperate in founding the joint venture T&M Verlag. This subsidiary produces the Motor Presse’s first publication in the former East Germany, the popular AUTO/Straßenverkehr.


Motor Presse brings its first magazine dedicated to the rapidly developing telecommunications sector to the German market. connect rapidly becomes a favourite, taking the market leadership.


spa DriftChallenge 2009 4
Drift Challenge 2009
Together with Dekra, the joint venture „EuroTransportMedia Verlags und Veranstaltungs GmbH“ is founded. The new subsidiary releases the magazines transaktuell and Firmenauto.
The magazine sportauto launches the motorsport event Tuner Grand Prix and DriftChallenge, held at the race circuit at Hockenheim. A relatively small event with only 17 participants at first, it has become a key date in the motorsport calendar, with over 30,000 visitors and racing stars from all different disciplines.


The founding of Motor-Presse Praha, and the release of the motorbike magazine MOTOCYKL extends the Motor Presse’s activities in Eastern Europe.


Yet more new subsidiaries for the Motor Presse; in Poland Motor-Presse Polska, and as a result of cooperation between Motorpress-Ibérica and Editorial Televisa in Mexico, the Motorpress Televisa.


Men's Health 1/1996
Men's Health 1/1996
The Motor-Presse Verlag invests in the 3 year old Slovakian Preßburger Verlag, a publisher with a wide range of activities in the world of motor-related publishing.

In cooperation with the American publishing house Rodale Press, Motor Presse Stuttgart successfully brings a German language version of the men‘s lifestyle magazine „Men’s Health“ to the market. The joint venture Rodale-Motor-Presse also releases the magazine „Runner’s World“.


Motorpress Ibérica further expands its activity in South America with the subsidiary Motorpress Argentina.   


Motor Presse activities in South America are further extended to include Motorpress Brasil, launched by the Portuguese subsidiary of the Motor-Presse Verlag.


Silvretta Classic 2013
The classic car magazine Motor Klassik organises the Silvretta Classic for the first time, a Rally for classic automobiles, which over the coming decade will develop into one of the most significant classic car events in the German speaking world.


Motor Presse’s leisure and outdoor portfolio starts a large growth spurt, acquiring the titles klettern, kanu and outdoor.


home and garden_china
Home and Garden, China
Together with a Chinese partner company, the Motor-Presse Verlag releases the car magazine China Auto Pictorial. In the following year, the telecommunications title Communications Technology and the lifestyle magazine Home and Garden are added to the Chinese portfolio.
The sales configuration of the Motor Presse is restructured. Responsibility for individual magazine sales is outsourced to Gruner+Jahr, whilst subscription sales remain under the control of the Motor-Presse Verlag, through the new wholly owned subsidiary SCW Media.


Motor Presse International closes a deal licensing the publication of Men's Health in Poland.

The oldtimer magazine Motor Klassik extends its event offering through the addition of the Saxony Classic, following in the footsteps of the Silvretta Classic by fast becoming a big name on the classic car scene.

The Motor-Presse Verlag presents the new internet portal to the 2003 IAA.


Gruner+Jahr procures the Würzburger Vogel Media Group’s share in the Vereinigten Motor Verlage (45.7%). Simultaneously the Vereinigte Motor Verlage and Motor-Presse-Verlag (MPV) legally combine to become the Motor Presse Stuttgart GmbH & Co. KG (MPS). This provides Gruner+Jahr with the majority stake of 54.9%.    

The Motor Presse Stuttgart licenses the production of a dutch language auto motor und sport in the Netherlands.


Women's Run 2006
Women's Run 2006
Runner’s World organises the first Women’s Run. The inaugural event in Frankfurt attracts 2000 women to the starting line. The event will develop into a series of runs, each provoking 20,000 runners to flock to the cities of Hamburg, Frankfurt, Cologne, Munich and Vienna.


RB 4_2007
The Motor Presse Stuttgart releases two new magazines; the motorbike title 2Räder and the road cycling publication RoadBIKE.

In addition, the digital activities of the sport and lifestyle segment are extended and unified as part of the new outdoor portal

Gruner+Jahr and Motor Press Ibérica cooperate in founding the joint venture GPS (Gestión de Publicaciones y Publicidad).
MOTORRAD is released in Sweden through a licensing agreement.


Motor Presse France acquires six special interest titles from the Mondadori Editore S.p.A; Le Cycle, Bateaux, Golf Magazine, Golf Européen, L’Officiel du Cycle de la Moto et du Quad und Guides Bel-air add to the current Motor Presse France portfolio to make Motor Presse France the largest French special interest publishing house.

The digital expansion continues: The acquisition of the diving portal means the Motor Presse now has a presence on the diving scene, and investment in the Austrian internet enterprise 1000PS GmbH ( adds to the online presence for the special interest segment motorcycling.

Spanish subsidiary Motorpress Ibérica acquires 70% of the Spanish lifestyle magazine H MAGAZINE.
Motor Presse Stuttgart retreats from the consumer electronics und telecommunications sector and sells its titles to the WEKA Group in Kissing.


Motor Presse TV, a Joint Venture of Motor Presse Stuttgart and the TV-Entrepreneur Jörg Schütte, starts broadcasting the Pay-TV-channel auto motor und sport Channel.
With the Eifel Classic, oldtimer magazine Motor Klassik initiates the third event in its yearly classic car rally series.

The Motor Presse Stuttgart launches, a touring and GPS portal for hikers, bikers, and other outdoor enthusiasts.


active life 1/2010
active life
Premiere of the auto motor und sport congress: from the “World Mobility Forum”, Motor Presse Stuttgart forges a one-day symposium in April 2010, which serves the interdisciplinary exchange of knowledge and ideas between the areas automobile, energy economy, politics and science.
Start of active life: initially as a supplement, later issued as a special edition of “outdoor”, the new magazine is geared towards a young, active and predominantly female target group.

The Automobile division launches four iPhone apps with information and services for everything to do with the car. A few weeks later, promobil starts an extremely successful parking slot app for the iPhone. MOTORRAD and auto motor und sport place iPad apps on the market.
Motor Presse Stuttgart increases its shares in the Austrian company 1000PS Internet GmbH based in Wiener Neustadt with retroactive effect from 1 January 2010, thus exercising the option agreed on upon entry in 2008. With 51 per cent, Motor Presse Stuttgart now holds a majority in Austria’s leading motorcycle medium. 

With UrbanBIKING, Motor Presse Stuttgart launches a website for all things related to e-bikes, pedelecs and urban cycling, today working successfully under the name ElektroBIKE or


ams 4/2011
auto motor und sport 4/2011
For the 125th birthday of the automobile, the edition 4/2011 of auto motor und sport is published on 29 January 2011 as an anniversary issue – filled with 224 pages about the history of automobiles.

As part of the growth strategy in the sports segment, Motorpress Ibérica launches the first edition of TRIATLÓN on the Spanish magazine market.
Women's Health 1/2011
Women's Health 1/2011
The new women’s lifestyle magazine Women’s Health is launched with a print run of more than 250,000 copies.
Motor Presse Stuttgart initiates ElektroBIKE, a magazine focusing on e-bikes and pedelecs. ElektroBIKE picks up on the booming trend that is e-bikes.  
Paul Pietsch, founder of Motor Presse Stuttgart and former Grand Prix pilot, celebrates his 100th birthday on 20 June.


On 31 May 2012, the founder of the publishing house Paul Pietsch dies a few weeks before reaching the age of 101 in his house in Karlsruhe.

Already just over a year after the market launch, the lifestyle magazine Women’s Health from the Rodale-Motor-Presse company tops the 200,000 mark in the third quarter with a circulation of 207,680.
MOTORRAD 17/2012
The 2500th issue of MOTORRAD is published on 3 August
MOTORRAD, the magazine founded in 1903 about everything pertaining to the motorised two-wheeler, celebrates its 2,500th edition with an unusual anniversary issue, which takes the readers on a trip through the history of MOTORRAD.

Men’s Health, Germany’s leading men’s lifestyle magazine from the Rodale-Motor-Presse company ( offers a fitness app called “Men’s-Health-Personal-Trainer” with more than 500 exercises and 350 workouts.


pro 4/2013
promobil 4/2013
auto motor und sport, the opinion makers among the German car media on the web, jointly  with netzathleten media, operators of Germany’s leading vertical content network, build the largest German car vertical for everything to do with the auto motor und sport brand. thereby expands long-term its online reach in automobile core target groups.

promobil, Europe’s largest motorhome magazine, celebrates its 30th birthday with an extensive anniversary issue.
Motor Klassik and Mercedes-Benz Classic together present the market study “Classic Automobiles in Germany 2013”. It is the first comprehensive and cross-brand market study covering this subject. On 176 pages, it provides facts, numbers and data relating to the culture and economy of classic automobiles in Germany.

For its 25th birthday, from edition 5/2013 onwards, outdoor, the magazine all about travelling, hiking and adventures under the open sky, is issued with a revised magazine concept in terms of optics and contents.
Women's Health Polen 1/2013
Women's Health Poland 1/2013
Two years after the successful launch of Women’s Health in Germany, on 26 April, Motor Presse Stuttgart launches the successful women’s lifestyle magazine in Poland and Spain, too, jointly with its partner Rodale.

AUTOStraßenverkehr, the consumer magazine among the car magazines, celebrates its 60th birthday with the edition 19/2013. The first edition of the predecessor magazine “Der Deutsche Straßenverkehr” (“The German traffic”) was issued in the summer of 1953.
The Swiss SRF commissions Motor Presse TV to produce the weekly car magazine “Tacho”. The first programme is broadcast on 29 September 2013.

The supply of e-magazines and service apps continues to rise in 2013, with there being at least a dozen e-papers/-magazines and more than twenty apps now. 


Motor Presse Stuttgart invests in the television and digital business: Motor Presse Stuttgart acquires, Germany’s largest exclusive online marketplace for old and new camper vans.

In addition, with 51 per cent, Motor Presse Stuttgart holds the majority of shares of the television joint venture Motor Presse TV. Also, Motor Presse Polen (MPP) purchases, one of the market-leading car websites of the country.

MH Personal Trainer App 2014
Men’s Health Personal Trainer App
The workout app by Men’s Health conquers the world: after six weeks already, the English version that was launched in December 2013 in 112 countries simultaneously, has already climbed to the top of Apple’s app store charts in many countries.
Motor Presse Stuttgart launches the lifestyle magazine “FUEL” for motorcycle & passion.

auto motor und sport opens the archive of the legendary motorsports photographer Julius Weitmann. More than 300 motives of historical automobile and motorsports photos in different sizes have been available for purchase since then in the auto motor und sport ART ARCHIVE.


MH Dad 1/2015
Men's Health Dad 1/2015
The largest German women’s running series Women’s Run by RUNNER’S WORLD celebrates its tenth birthday.

Motor Presse Stuttgart takes on the marketing of, the digital food database and nutrition community.

Motor Presse Stuttgart acquires the magazine “Die Reiterin” from Forum Verlag and continues the title as a new special supplement in CAVALLO four times a year.

As one of the first German television programmes, the auto motor und sport channel celebrates Ultra HD premiere, presenting the exclusive self-produced series FAST LAP in the extremely high definition television standard Ultra HD.

Germany’s largest men’s lifestyle magazine provides for offspring and launches Men’s Health Dad, the first men’s magazine for fathers


ams 14/2016 Jubiläumsausgabe
auto motor und sport 14/2016
70 years of car journalism with passion and expertise: auto motor und sport celebrates with an extra 100 pages for the anniversary.

FLUG REVUE, the largest German magazine about aviation, celebrates its 60th birthday.

With a donation of altogether 3,000 euros, Motor Presse Stuttgart supports the construction of a community centre as part of a new refugee home in Stuttgart.


The media company Motor Presse Stuttgart takes over the premium marketing of the content network netzathleten ( With nearly two million unique users* per month, brings some of the best German sports websites together to the highest-reach, brand-independent online sports portfolio.
*AGOF digital facts Ø month Oct 16: 1.66 million unique users a month

The MOTORRAD action team wins the bid to organise the International German Motorcycle Championship (IDM).
With “ElektroBIKE kompakt”, Motor Presse Stuttgart launches an e-Bike offensive in high-reach special-interest titles promobil, auto motor und sport and AUTOStraßenverkehr.

Premiere in Stuttgart: for the first time, BIKESITTER offers secure and guarded bicycle stands at the SWR summer festival at the castle square.
Nils Oberschelp
Nils Oberschelp, CEO
Change in management at Motor Presse Stuttgart: the shareholders appoint Nils Oberschelp as the Chairman of the Management Board at Motor Presse Stuttgart, who officially assumes responsibility on 1 July.

The car programme auto motor und sport channel is now also available on Amazon channels.
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